Saturday, October 24

Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel

Travel excursions endow your life with cultural enrichment, rest and relaxation. Traveling on vacation requires time and money. So spending smarter on your vacation starts before you even go on your trip.

The very first thing is to have a travel budget. Determine in advance how much the entire trip-meals, transportation, travel accommodations, entertainment, shopping and miscellaneous expenses, such as admission to theme parks and museums will cost.

If you know how much the total trip will cost, you can save toward your goal before you pack your bags.

What kind of vacation did you want to experience? Decide if your trip is an economy trip, a modest trip or a luxury trip.From there you can determine the size of your travel budget.

Ask yourself these questions to form your travel budget.

  1. What form of transport are you using to travel to your destination?
  2. How long are you staying on vacation?
  3. What type of accomodations will you like to have and what is the cost per night, including taxes?
  4. Add the amount of a daily car rental or other transportation while you’re at your destination.
  5. How much for gas or bus ticket fees etc in total?
  6. Write down how much you plan to spend on meals and include breakfast, lunch and dinner and treats. Remeber to add tip money.
  7. What activities do you plan to do that cost monies? Include entrance fees.
  8. Other items you may need to consider … Travel insurance, Passport, Visa and other travel documents
  9. Include other expenses like child or pet care while you are away.
    10.Currency exchange rates and bank fees if necessary.
  10. Luggage and what type of clothes you need on your trip. These days, it’s best to travel as light as possible and buy clothes at your destination.
  11. Put some money in for miscellaneous and other unforeseen expenses

Now that you have a travel budget figured out. Let’s take a look at how to save money for travel. And let’s say you live on a set amount of money every week that you receive from a paycheck. You will need to put away some dollars for your travel budget.

Now look at your present living expenses. See what areas you can cut back on and put that money into your travel budget plans.

Categorize your expenses then set a budget goal and track your spending … Look at making new habits that save money.

a) Cut out those tv cable and movie subscriptions you pay for.
b) Quit eating out expenses and learn to cook and eat in that can save a bundle on your food.
c) Stop buying extra things you want but don’t necessarily need.
d) Don’t go shopping for clothes and shoes, wait till you at your trip destination.
f) Limit how much you go out and spend for entertainment. Go out and do free things instead.
g) Buy household items in bulk can save you money in overall expense.
h) Stop buying coffee at coffee shoppes and make coffee yourself at home.
i) Entertain at home instead of going out to sporting events, concerts, dinner dates.
j) Prolong your visits to the hairdresser, manicures, facials and massages.
k) Use loyalty programs to save a buck or two with stores you like to buy from.
l) Work some over-time if you can or pick up some part time night work.
m) Move back home for awhile or get a roommate to help pay for living expenses.
n) Stop your monthly gym membership and go walking and exercise at the park.
o) If you need to buy something, try going to second hand stores to shop.
p) Lower your monthly mobile phone data plan and look for better prices.
q) Get a credit card that gives back 1%, 2% even 5% back of the money you spend.
r) Read up on the place you are visiting and research. Good information can save you a lot of money.

Treat travel like a long-term investment. Be diligent in your saving every time and anywhere you can.

Keep the dream of traveling to your destination and you will get there by sticking to your travel budget.